Antony Yerasimou

Education & Experience

Antony graduated from the University of York in 2012 with a BA (Hons) in Philosophy and Politics, before completing the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) in 2013, and the CITMA Trade Mark Administrators’ course in 2015. In 2017, he achieved a distinction in the Certificate in Trade Mark Law and Practice at Queen Mary University of London and was presented with the Director’s Prize for achieving the highest mark in the Trade Mark A paper. In 2018, he also achieved a distinction in the Professional Certificate in Trade Mark Practice at Nottingham Trent University.

Antony is an Associate (Chartered Trade Mark Attorney). He advises on a range of intellectual property matters, with a primary focus on contentious Registry proceedings, litigation and dispute resolution. He has experience across a range of contentious trade mark matters, including opposition and cancellation proceedings before the UK and EU Intellectual Property Offices, appeals before the Appointed Person and EUIPO Boards of Appeal, and trade mark infringement and passing off claims before the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court.

Antony also advises on other non-contentious intellectual property matters, including brand clearance, trade mark and design protection in the UK, EU and worldwide; IP audits, licensing, overcoming absolute grounds (inherent registrability) objections and evidencing acquired distinctiveness, among many other things.

Trade mark achievements

Antony regularly advises charities in a pro bono capacity on range of intellectual property matters and, most notably, helped two charities secure trade mark registrations on the grounds of acquired distinctiveness. He is also very effective at managing a busy caseload of contentious matters. He has an impressive record for resolving disputes quickly, efficiently and in a commercially-minded manner, avoiding unnecessary cost to the client.

Where a settlement seems remote, he is quick to leverage weaknesses in an opponent’s case in order to improve the client’s legal position and obtain a favourable decision or settlement for the client.

What do clients say about Antony?

Clients describe Antony as being: “succinct and straight to the point when explaining legal and commercial issues”. He is often praised for his “sound analytical judgement, especially when under pressure” and his “tendency not to give up easily”.

He is particularly well-regarded by clients for his “ability to resolve oppositions quickly and cost-effectively by identifying settlement opportunities and negotiating terms of co-existence”.

What Antony enjoys about the trade mark profession?

“As a trade mark attorney, you are responsible for protecting, managing and enforcing your clients’ most valuable commercial assets. To do this effectively, you must have a detailed understanding of your clients’ business and their commercial aims. This interplay between the law and business is something that makes the work of a trade mark attorney really enjoyable. In addition, each matter that you deal with is different in its own way, and this brings with it new and exciting challenges every day.

What kind of trade mark work does Antony enjoy?

“Working on contentious matters is particularly interesting. I enjoy planning the direction that a particular case will take by developing effective case strategies, gathering evidence to support a client’s case, and anticipating an opponent’s arguments in order to try and strengthen the client’s position.”

What bit of advice would Antony give to all businesses if he had the chance?

“I would give three pieces of advice. First, when you are selecting a brand name, make sure to select one that is distinctive and does not describe your goods or services. Second, conduct detailed clearance searches before launching your brand to ensure that the brand will not infringe or conflict with existing brands. Third, protect, protect, protect! It is so important to protect all of the unique aspects of your business, from the brands that you use to the novel appearance of your products.

What does he like about Trade Mark Wizards?

“The firm represents a diverse range of clients, from multinational corporations to SMEs and startups, all operating in a range of different industries. It also files hundreds of trade mark applications each year. Both of these factors make for an interesting, varied and challenging workload – no two days are ever the same.”

Life outside Trade Mark Wizards

Outside of work, Antony enjoys reading, musicals, trips to the cinema, discovering new places to eat and, during milder weather, exploring the countryside.

As a child, what did Antony want to be when he grew up?

Antony wanted to become an airline pilot and still believes this will happen one day. We are not holding our breath.

Antony Yerasimou

Antony Yerasimou

Associate, Chartered Trade Mark Attorney

BA (Hons), LL.Dip

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