Areti Kostoula

Education & Experience

Areti graduated from Queen Mary University of London with a LLB in 2017 , and completed the Legal Practice Course with MSc in Law, Business and Management at University of Law in 2018. She has also recently completed the Post Graduate Certificate in Trade Mark Law & Practice.

She manages the Filing Team and is responsible for handling client enquiries, drafting brand protection strategies and trade mark specifications as well as preparing and filing UK and International trade mark applications. She also handles the drafting of legal documents as well as disputes, with extensive experience in dealing with contentious matters.

Prior to joining Trade Mark Wizards, Areti gained experience in white-collar crime investigations & prosecution as she was working for a specialist prosecuting authority in the UK tackling fraud, bribery and corruption for over a year. Her forensic analysis is therefore second to none.

Trade Mark Achievements

Areti manages a huge volume of new client enquiries. She is able to provide focused advice on brand protection in the UK and internationally, as well as disputes. She can easily break down a client’s brand portfolio and provide multiple options of strategic filing programs.

What do clients say about Areti?

Areti provides an “outstanding service”, and is “extremely professional, helpful and patient”. She also makes the trade mark registration process “pain free”.

What Areti enjoys about the trade mark profession?

“I enjoy contributing to the protection of our clients’ valuable commercial assets. Out of all the different types of laws, intellectual property law stood out most to me. There are so many aspects to trade marks and no two days are the same. You are constantly learning very intricate details about different and very diverse sectors. One minute I could be advising on the protection of children’s toys in the UK, and the next minute I could be advising on construction materials in the Middle East, followed by advising on protecting aircraft carriers”.

What kind of trade mark work does Areti enjoy?

“I am part of the Strategy and Filing Team. I really enjoy the direct contact with clients, understanding their protection needs and providing focused advice as quickly as possible. I like it when clients ask challenging questions that test her knowledge”.

I am keen on dealing with contentious matters and like assisting our attorneys in drafting their advice and accompanying them to tribunal hearings”.

What bit of advice would Areti give to all businesses if she had the chance?

Areti believes that having a strategy in place to protect your brand is key. She generally advises businesses to protect all of their branding elements as soon as is practically possible, since this ensures they have sufficient enforcement powers over competitors or third parties that try to take advantage of any part of their goodwill or reputation. 

What does Areti like about Trade Mark Wizards?

There is always something new and challenging that appears on my desk every day. I love the direct contact and the good balance of a relaxed working environment with nice bit of pressure to deliver.

Life Outside Trade Mark Wizards

Areti is very keen to stay active and healthy. She enjoys going to high intensity interval training classes and challenging her physical strength. Areti also enjoys cooking traditional Greek recipes as well as healthy snacks. In fact, she is the Trade Mark Wizards in-house baker and brings in treats for the team when she thinks they deserve it.

She really enjoys going to Escape rooms and she has managed to escape 12/15 rooms she attended together with her team.

As a child, what did Areti want to be when she grew up?

Areti wanted to become a journalist and, in particular, she wanted to be a news presenter. There is still time, but it is looking highly unlikely.

Areti Kostoula

Areti Kostoula


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