Faith Chong

Faith Chong

Faith Chong


LLB (Hons), BTC

Education & Experience:

Faith graduated from the University of Leeds with a first class LLB degree in 2020. She discovered her passion for intellectual property law quite early on in her undergrad studies and wrote her dissertation on the topic of copyright law and artificial intelligence, titled “Artificially Intelligent Creators: Copyright Issues in the Age of AI”. She was then called to the Bar of England and Wales in 2021, having attained a distinction on the Barrister Training Course at BPP Law School.

Prior to joining Trade Mark Wizards, Faith worked as a legal intern at two leading commercial law firms in Malaysia, where she first gained exposure to trade mark matters and decided to pursue a career in trade marks.

What Faith enjoys about the trade mark profession?

“Growing up, I’ve always been fascinated with the design and aesthetics of brands. The trade mark profession allows me to be constantly surrounded by brand designs and logos whilst still engaging in intellectually stimulating work. I’ve found it rewarding to be able to help clients make the right decision in terms of obtaining the strongest protection for their brands.” 

What kind of trade mark work does Faith enjoy?

“I’m still quite new to the trade mark profession. For now, my workload is primarily focused on formulating and advising on brand protection strategies in the UK and abroad. I enjoy communicating with clients and taking the time to truly understand their business, which enables me to then devise a comprehensive brand protection strategy that’s tailored to their commercial needs. I also really like identifying any risks or weaknesses in a client’s trade mark application and coming up with solutions to overcome them.”

What bit of advice would Faith give to all businesses if she had the chance?

“If you’re starting a new business or already own one, the first thing you should do is protect your brand name, especially if it’s one that’s unique or distinctive. Your trade mark is one of your business’s most valuable assets. While it does cost money, it is definitely a worthwhile investment as it might just save you from being stuck in disputes with other businesses down the line, which would undoubtedly cost a lot more!”

What do I like about Trade Mark Wizards?

“Everyone here is super friendly, welcoming and passionate about what they do. Despite joining in the middle of a pandemic and having to work from home, they make it work! The team has been really supportive and I’ve learned so much from them already. From my first day on the job, I was given the opportunity to handle my own clients, and I really enjoyed taking on the responsibility. I don’t think I’d get that at any other firm.”

Life outside of Trade Mark Wizards

Faith has a passion for graphic design and enjoys taking on all kinds of design projects whenever she has the time. She’s also a major caffeine addict and an amateur home barista, so she loves practising her latte art and making coffee for friends and family.

As a child, what did Faith want to be when she grew up?

Faith wanted to be a digital artist or illustrator growing up. She still enjoys carrying out graphic design work as a hobby in her spare time

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