GIzem Bayer

Education & experience

Gizem pursued her LLB degree with full scholarship at Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Law, where she focused on Intellectual Property and wrote her thesis on “Cinematographic Works in scope of Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works”. Further to obtaining her law degree, she became a registered attorney at law before Istanbul Bar.

After completing the relevant exams, she registered as a Trade Mark and Patent Attorney before the Turkish Patent & Trademark Office. She also focused on alternative dispute resolution and obtained a Mediator & Negotiator Certification before Turkish Department of Mediation and the Ministry of Justice in 2015.

Before joining Trade Mark Wizards, she worked at leading IP Firms in Turkey and she has an extensive experience advising on Trade Mark and Patent enforcement.

Trade mark achievements

Gizem has conducted and coordinated countless raids and enforced IP rights for her clients by combatting counterfeiters and seizing millions of dollars of fake goods.

What do clients say about Gizem

“Gizem is very friendly and helpful, especially in the management and administration of international trade mark portfolios”.

What Gizem enjoys about the trade marks profession?

I enjoy the fact that the trade mark profession intersects with culture and industry.

What kind of trade mark work does Gizem enjoy?

“I really enjoy the problem-solving nature of the work and like to pay attention to clients’ needs and how they can best be met. I also enjoy getting my teeth into complex and strategic negotiations that have a multi-jurisdictional scope”.

What bit of advice would Gizem give to all businesses if she had the chance?

“Make sure your protection is as comprehensive as possible, or else the day may come when you wish you had better protection, and by that time it may be too late.

What she likes about Trade Mark Wizards?

“I love the friendly atmosphere in the office and the mixture of team work and individual work. Sometimes we are all isolated from each other, focusing on our own projects, and at other times, the everyone in the team could be combining efforts in order to speedily deliver a result for a client”.

Life outside Trade Mark Wizards

Gizem enjoys cooking, socialising and watching series after series on Netflix. You name it, she’s seen it.

As a child, what did Gizem want to be when she grew up?

Anything but a lawyer, and here we are.

Gizem Bayer

Gizem Bayer

Patent & Trade Mark Attorney (Turkish qualified)
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