Josh Monk

Josh Monk

Josh Monk


Education & Experience

Josh is currently studying at the University of Cambridge after a hugely successful A level experience. Josh has previous law firm experience after a brief stint at very well respected firm of solicitors and is aiming to be a magic circle lawyer. Trade Mark Wizards is privileged to be part of that journey.

What Josh enjoys about the trademark profession?

N/A – still very new to the game

What kind of trademark work does Josh enjoy?

N/A – still very new to the game

What do I like about Trade Mark Wizards?

“The team here are super welcoming and friendly. I came to get some experience with intellectual property while I am study for my law degree, and find myself involved in some phenomenal cases”.

Life outside of Trade Mark Wizards

Josh is a very avid football player outside of Trade Mark Wizards whilst also working as a barman.

As a child, what did Josh want to be when he grew up?

As a child, like every kid his age, Josh wanted to be a footballer but realised he had more intellectual potential than physical and quickly changed paths.

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