Michelle Chu

Michelle Chu

Michelle Chu


LLB (Hons)

Education & Experience:

Michelle graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with an LLB Law Degree in 2019.

Michelle joined Trade Mark Wizards in June 2021 and has advised on the protection of trade marks for many businesses. She is a member of the Strategy and Filing Team and her day-to-day activities include devising brand protection strategies, filing trade mark applications, drafting specifications and assisting with analysing search results and reporting to the client any potential risks that may arise. She advises in relation to UK and international trade mark protection. She also deal with examination reports and argues against inherent registrability objections and earlier rights citations.

What Michelle enjoys about the trade mark profession?

“I have always been interested in intellectual property law which was the one and only area of law I could imagine myself working in.

The different variety of clients and businesses that come to us for help with their trade marks makes work varied and interesting. We don’t just think about their immediate needs as a business but rather their wider commercial and legal needs. In order to advise them on the best protection, it requires us to understand not just the exact nature of the client’s business but their industry  and trends as a whole, so I end up learning about new things everyday.”

What kind of trade mark work does Michelle enjoy?

“I enjoy speaking with clients, getting to know more about them as people as well as their business, and what they want and need from their trade mark registration. I also enjoy creating brand protection strategies to help advise clients breakdown of their branding elements and assist them in gaining a better understanding of what they need to protect, and after analysing the search results, letting them know if there are any risks to their application.”

What bit of advice would Michelle give to all businesses if she had the chance?

“It’s better to register a trade mark sooner rather than later. Having protection from the start is better than finding out later that the name you are using has already been registered and is owned by another person. It will help save time, money and energy that could be better spent helping to grow or focus on your business. It’s always best to ask for more information and to find a friendly attorney who can help you learn about trade marks, so that you can understand the process and why having a trade mark is so important and valuable.”

What do I like about Trade Mark Wizards?

“As one of the newest members of the team, I enjoy the relaxed and friendly work environment and the client focused work ethic. While the work ethic focuses on providing the highest level of service to clients, I enjoy the fact that everyone is allowed to work at their own pace, with their own work flow strategy, without the micro-management. I also enjoys working with a diverse range of clients, getting to network, and learn about different businesses and industries.

Life outside of Trade Mark Wizards

Outside of work, Michelle enjoys spending time reading, writing fictional stories, playing video games and spending time with friends and family. She also enjoys cooking and trying new recipes for her friend and family to enjoy.

As a child, what did Michelle want to be when she grew up?

Michelle actually wanted to be a lawyer when she grew up, she just wanted to find the right area of law where her outside interests and hobbies could be included in some way. Trade Mark Wizards was perfect for her.

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