Nick Poulianitis

Nick Poulianitis

Nick Poulianitis

Graphic designer

Education & Experience:

Nick graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2013 with a first class BA Hons. Since then, he has been pursuing his passion as a designer utilising various digital art mediums in various industries. He is currently a student and a lab assistant in Goldsmiths University, London in the computing department under the MA Computer Games: Art & Design course. 

His experience includes freelancing as a graphic designer and brand consultant, as well as working in the video games industry as a 3D artist and animator. His latest achievement before joining Trade Mark Wizards, is his role as an Animator on The Pirate Queen, a story driven VR  puzzle game developed by Singer Studios and executive produced by Dr Dave Ranyard. The game has been nominated for multiple awards and won The Discovery Award for Best Debut at Raindance Film Festival 2021.

What bit of advice would Nick give to all businesses if he had the chance?

“Realising the importance of branding will work wonders for your business. Investing time and money in communicating your brand’s value proposition in clever, visual ways would ensure the success of your business”.

What do I like about Trade Mark Wizards?

“Both internal and external human relationships are treated like family. This is one of the many things I like about Trade Mark Wizards”.

Life outside of Trade Mark Wizards

Nick has a passion for video games and comics. He has also built a home studio over the years, using it to produce music and also DJ around the world. 

As a child, what did Faith want to be when she grew up?

When he was a kid, Nick wanted to be an inventor, just like Gyro Gearloose the Disney cartoon character. We are glad that being a designer is not far off.

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