Priya Doshi

Priya Doshi

Priya Doshi


LLB (Hons), PGCert Trade Mark Law and Practice

Education and Experience

Priya graduated from City University London in 2017 with a LLB Law Degree. She embarked on a career within fashion where she became aware of how crucial it is to protect IP assets within the fashion industry. She then went on to complete a Postgraduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law at Brunel University London in 2021 as this bridged the gap for her between law and fashion.

Trade Mark Achievements

Priya joined Trade Mark Wizards in 2022 as a trade mark paralegal where she has handled client queries, created UK and international protection strategies, used various search and screening tools to clear trade marks, drafted complex specifications, filed trade mark applications and also advised on examination reports and responded to examiners at the UKIPO.

What Priya enjoys about the trade mark profession ?

“I enjoy being at the forefront of advising clients on the registrability of their brands and the design of their branding, ensuring they obtain the best protection possible”.

What kind of trade mark work does Priya enjoy ?

“I enjoy devising a brand protection strategy for clients by analysing and evaluating if their brand is distinctive enough to be registered, and also if there are any earlier marks on any trade mark registers which could potentially conflict with their mark. It’s great to also advise on solutions to overcome any potential risks the clients may face when filing their trade marks”.

What bit of advise would Priya give to businesses if she had the chance ?

“Spending money in the short run to protect your brand provides a great reward in the long run! It is crucial to protect your brand as there is a lot of hard work which has gone into creating it and, without protecting it, someone else could easily free ride on your reputation and take unfair advantage of your Intellectual Property. In turn this can potentially cause consumer confusion and a severe loss of income!”

What do I like about Trade Mark Wizards ?

“Everyone is so friendly and always willing to help. There is a lot to learn from everyone and every day is different which is what makes it fun!”

Life outside of Trade Mark Wizards ?

Priya loves nature, animals, playing badminton and drawing.

As a child, what did Priya want to be when she grew up?

Priya wanted to be a detective but realised protecting brands was the next best thing.

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