We do not condone big businesses using their intellectual property rights and financial muscle to bully smaller businesses.

If you feel that you are being bullied by an adversary that is attempting to use oppressive IP litigation tactics in order to force you into submission, please let us know so we can review the situation. This type of bullying includes many forms –

  • Unjustified threats
  • Overly harsh and aggressive cease and desist letters with unreasonable undertakings
  • Threatened oppositions where no relevant earlier rights exist
  • Frivolous opposition or cancellation actions being filed
  • Appeals with minimal chances of success being filed with a view to exerting financial pressure
  • Certain claims filed in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court
  • Trade mark hijacking (UK or globally)
  • Domain name hijacking

  • Tenuous domain name complaints being filed

  • Social media takedowns

We believe that there is a fine line to be drawn between aggressive litigation and bullying. Bullies do not get a pass – not on our watch anyway!

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