Barshu Restaurant


We Built This Brand, episode 2.

Trade Mark Wizards presents "We Built this Brand" - a five-part short film series that celebrates the power of brand protection.

We interviewed passionate brand owners who have turned their dreams into reality by safeguarding their intellectual property with the help of Trade Mark Wizards.

Each short film in this documentary-style series takes you on a journey of discovery, revealing the true value of trademark protection for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

We'll hear from the people behind the brands and discover their unique stories, struggles, and triumphs.

The second episode of our five part documentary-style series features an award winning client of ours - Barshu Restaurant.

This client will be familiar to those in our network who are lovers of flavorful, Chinese cuisine. Located in the heart of Chinatown in London, Barshu’s restaurant is a favourite for many locals, as well as tourists. One of the many reasons for Barshu’s popularity is their ability to bring the authentic flavours of Sichuan, China (where the Barshu brand owners are from) to the food-lovers in the heart of London.

‘When people mention ‘Barshu’, I want them to remember the quality food, the valued staff, the people’ Winston Xu, Barshu Owner.

For Barshu, and our other clients in the hospitality sector, the brand name and logo is what people remember and associate with their business. That’s why we at Trade Mark Wizards understand the importance of protecting what is yours not just for now, but also for the future.

Discover why we are a trusted trade marking partner for businesses across the London area, the wider UK, and internationally, and contact a member of our team at if you want to learn more about our brand protection strategies and trade marking services.


With every dish that they serve, the Ramo Ramen team combines tradition with innovation, blending ingredients that are unique to both countries in a single bowl.


Homeslice has been serving pizzas by the slice and in sizable pies since 2011. With a hand-built mobile wood-fire oven, the team at Homeslice launched at London Fields Brewery, selling out within hours. If you haven’t tried their pizzas, this place is a must the next time that you are in London!


RationalFX provides security to their clients via their award winning services, brilliant customer experience, and successful client delivery.

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