Trade Mark Applications

Best value trade mark application pricing in the EU

Starting at £250* for a UK Basic Application Package including unlimited classes, our packages represent great value for money.

Coupled with our exemplary customer service, you’ll find us hard to beat.


Expert Advice

100% free advice from Qualified Professionals

When you contact Trade Mark Wizards for advice you’ll speak directly to a qualified Trade Mark Attorney or Trade Mark Agent. You won’t be kept in a queue, or have to deal with multiple options from an automated system.

Our experts are on hand to provide detailed legal advice, answer any questions you might have, and give you guidance on the best and most cost effective way to protect your brand.

Trade Mark Protection

A full range of Trade Mark Protection Services

Trade Mark Wizards can provide protection for your business, your brand and your intellectual property. Whatever your goals and objectives are, our team will make sure that your IP assets are in safe hands.

With extensive experience of practicing before the UK Registry in the filing and prosecution of trade mark applications, our trade mark practitioners possess enviable expertise in managing the registration of trade marks before the registries of the UK, EU, WIPO, and practically every registry in the world, through our international network of trusted associates.

Trade Mark Searching

At Trade Mark Wizards® we like to think of searching as Stage 1 in the lifecycle of a successful trade mark. We provide clients with a wide array of different solutions to ensure that the search process remains as transparent, comprehensive and cost-effective as possible.

Our free online trade mark search tool has been designed to guarantee complete transparency by enabling you to check whether any identical version of your desired trade mark or brand name is already registered in respect of the particular goods and/or services for which you intend to secure protection. Having said this, a full clearance search is always advised.

Copyright Services

Copyright provides protection for literary, dramatic, artistic and musical works. Copyright may reside in trade mark logos, designs and decoration and appearance of goods, website content, typefaces, get-up of shop and stores, marketing and promotional material, photographs, computer software and databases.

With the conception and distribution of a wide range of copyright protected works now done via electronic means, copyright is becoming progressively more important in the commercial context and increasingly more harmonised at EU level.

Other Services

As well as our Protection Service, Searching Services and Application Packages, we can provide a wide range of other Trade Mark services, to meet all your IP requirements.




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