Copyright Services

Copyright provides protection for literary, dramatic, artistic and musical works. Copyright may reside in trade mark logos, designs and decoration and appearance of goods, website content, typefaces, get-up of shop and stores, marketing and promotional material, photographs, computer software and databases.

With the conception and distribution of a wide range of copyright protected works now done via electronic means, copyright is becoming progressively more important in the commercial context and increasingly more harmonised at EU level.

Given the global, borderless, democratic nature of the internet, more and more artists are going online to publicize and disseminate their works. Freelance writers and journalists have taken to online self-publication. Musicians and film-makers have taken to online broadcasting. Artists and photographers and have taken to online curation. Graphic designers and creative consultants have taken to sending clients their designs and ideas electronically.

Whilst the internet is an indispensable resource that has transformed the way creative professionals do business, it nevertheless raises a large number of legal issues on which specialist advice regarding intellectual property protection is essential. We can provide you with practical, clear advice that is cost-effective and appropriate to your business activities and online presence.