Expert Advice

100% free advice from Qualified Professionals

When you contact Trade Mark Wizards for advice you’ll speak directly to a qualified Trade Mark Attorney or Trade Mark Agent. You won’t be kept in a queue, or have to deal with multiple options from an automated system.

Our experts are on hand to provide detailed legal advice, answer any questions you might have, and give you guidance on the best and most cost effective way to protect your brand.

Whereas other firms would charge a fee, after the conversation our strategy team will send you the detailed information and legal advice in writing, without any charge, just so that you can review the information again before you make any decisions. This will include preliminary searching and registrability advice.

We encourage you to shop around to ensure that we are giving you the best deal and providing the best level of service. We do not charge any fees unless you instruct us to file an application.

Trade Mark Law can be complex, tricky and confusing.
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