Martina Torresani

  • Qualifications: LLB (Hons), LLM (IP)
  • Position: IP Strategy

Education & Experience

Martina pursued her first degree in law at University of Bologna where she wrote her final thesis on Trade Mark licences. She found her passion for Intellectual Property and Information Technology law at the University of Southampton where she spent a year on exchange.

Along with attending specialty schools, such as the internet law summer school at University of Geneva, she has attended various events, conferences and workshops in relation to IP law and also taught herself about IT law and technological advancements. In 2016 she converted her Italian degree and obtained a Graduate Diploma in law at BPP University in London.

Martina interned at Trade Mark Wizards® for a few months in September 2017 and has now officially joined the team as a paralegal. Before joining Trade Mark Wizards®, she interned at various organisations and undertook work experience providing pro bono legal advice with a major global law firm.

Trade Mark Achievements

Achievements include when the firm is instructed to deal with matters having imminent deadlines on complex international disputes and being able to assist the team in meeting those deadlines by providing quick reports on local trade mark laws in different jurisdictions. This happens quite a lot.

What do client’s say about Martina?

“Martina is very fast when instructed to devise filing strategies involving searches that have a vast array of high risk marks, and always produces sound advice to ensure expectations are managed appropriately”.

What Martina enjoys about the trade marks profession?

The reason she likes Trade Marks is summed up in a Ray Kroc’s quote addressing the MacDonald’s brothers: “Why didn’t I just run away with your idea and start my own business? You see, other businesses out there lack one thing that makes MacDonald’s special. It’s the name. It is a glorious name. I remember the first time I saw your name stretched out there. It was love at first sight. I knew right then and there I had to have it and now I do”. In substance, the power of a trade mark is what led her to this field.

What kind of trade mark work does Martina enjoy?

Martina enjoys huge international protection projects that require global searching exercises where clients need strategies to keep uniformity in branding in the face of local conflicts.

What bit of advice would Martina give to all business if he had the chance?

“As soon as you think of a brand name, search its availability and then take steps to protect it iYour trade mark is one of the most important assets of your business. Make sure you pioneer it and think it through!”

What Martina likes about Trade Mark Wizards®?

Martina likes that Trade Mark Wizards is a very new business and a disruptive start-up, as such her work is always varied and impactful!

Life outside Trade Mark Wizards®

Martina enjoys watching musicals, cooking, eating and taking long walks away from the bustling city.

As a child, what did Martina want to be when she grew up?

As I child, she wanted to become a secret investigator or a spy but gave up when magnifying glasses were not a thing anymore.