Milena Velikova

  • Qualifications: LLB (Hons), LLM (IP)
  • Position: IP Strategy

Education & Experience

Milena considers her year abroad in Denmark to be the most pertinent time during her university education, where she discovered her interest and passion for Intellectual Property Law. Consequently, she decided to write both her undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations  on issues related to IP Law.

Milena graduated from the University of Aberdeen in 2015, where she completed her LLB Law and European Legal Studies course. She then decided to pursue a Masters degree in Intellectual Property Law in Queen Mary University of London which she finished in 2016. She joined Trade Mark Wizards® in September 2016 and is now undertaking the Trade Mark Law and Practice Postgraduate Diploma, which means she will be a Chartered Trade Mark Attorney in very near future.

Apart from working within the world of IP, Milena has volunteered for various organizations, such as Lawyers without Borders and Qlegal, both law clinics for pro bono legal advice, in human rights law and commercial and IP law matters, respectively.

Trade Mark Achievements

Seeing many of her start-up clients turn basic local trade mark protection into international trade mark portfolios consisting of all branding elements.

What do client’s say about Milena?

Milena is always on point when it comes to advising on brand protection and copyright. She is very thorough and has a very speeding delivery when it comes to getting complex tasks completed.

What Milena enjoys about the trade marks profession?

“It is really enjoyable learning about IP practice in different territories, especially conducting clearance searches in challenging jurisdictions where key registry data is not available online.

What kind of trade mark work does Milena enjoy?

Milena enjoys deciphering cross-border litigation when combined with registry disputes on an international scale. She really likes finding creative ways of negotiating and concluding settlements for clients and trying to avoid the escalation of proceedings where possible.

What bit of advice would Milena give to all business if he had the chance?

“As soon as you think of a brand name, search its availability and then take steps to protect it immediately if the search is clear. If you snooze, you will lose!”

What Milena likes about Trade Mark Wizards®?

“The quality of work in combination with the people in our team makes the company a great place to work. I am surrounded by ambitious and talented lawyers who are always working as hard as possible to ensure clients get what they need.”

Life outside Trade Mark Wizards®

Milena loves going to music festivals and concerts. She also plays the piano and is an avid food lover.

As a child, what did Milena want to be when she grew up?

Milena wanted to be a singer but gave that up due to stage fright issues.