Ayesha Akhtar

Education & Experience

Ayesha graduated from City University of London with a LLB Law Degree in 2017, before completing the LLM and LPC at BPP Law School in 2018. She has also recently completed the Post Graduate Certificate in Trade Mark Law & Practice.

Ayesha joined Trade Mark Wizards as a Paralegal in January 2020 and is now a Part-Qualified Trade Mark Attorney. She has already advised on the protection of hundreds of trade marks. Although she manages the Prosecution Department, Ayesha is also a member of the Filing and Disputes Team, and her day-to-day activities include devising brand protection strategies, filing trade mark applications and renewals, drafting specifications, analysing search results and reporting to the client on any potential risks that may arise, as well as handling disputes. She advises in relation to UK and International trade mark protection.

Ayesha also deals with examination reports and supports Trade Mark Attorneys with the management of trade mark portfolios, recordals and all types of contentious matters.

Trade mark achievements

Since joining Trade Mark Wizards, Ayesha has become an integral part of the strategy team. Within a few months, having advised so many clients on how to protect their brand, she has already made a name for herself in the brand protection sector. She has been involved in pitches for large trade mark filing projects which our firm has eventually secured because of her clear and easy to understand focused advice.

What do clients say about Ayesha?

“Ayesha is very straight-up when advising on the registrability of a trade mark. She tells it how it is and does not sit on the fence if a particular issue is no clear-cut. She is very patient and takes the time to clearly explain the entire trade mark process for an average lay person to understand, and won’t let you go until you get it”.

What Ayesha enjoys about the trade mark profession?

“By working with the company’s most important assets, we have to think of commercial solutions that fit in with the business’s needs. To ensure that businesses have the best protection, we need to have a full understanding of our client’s business and ensure that our advice fits in with their business’ aims and objectives. This makes the trade mark profession really enjoyable as you get to learn about a wide range of industries and the vision they have for their business in the future. “

What kind of trade mark work does Ayesha enjoy?

“I enjoy learning about the business that the client is hoping to register a trade mark for, and tailoring their specification of goods and services to meet their needs. I also enjoy creating brand protection strategies and advising clients on the breakdown of all branding elements that should be protected to ensure the business benefits from maximum protection. I like analysing all the branding elements and search results because this allows me to advise clients on any potential risks they may face in the future. Once I see risks, I then think of creative solutions to combat them which is fun.

What bit of advice would Ayesha give to all businesses if she had the chance?

If you are currently providing goods or services under a brand name, you must protect it now! This will inevitably save you time and money in the future in avoiding any potential disputes with other businesses who might have registered an identical or similar trade mark to yours. It is crucial to protect all of your branding elements in order to safeguard your business against brand hijackers. Also, when thinking of a brand name, try to be creative! If the trade mark is distinctive, you will have a better chance of having it registered.

What does she like about Trade Mark Wizards?

The firm has an amazing work ethic. It just wants to provide the best service for its clients by making sure we have a close relationship from the very beginning and are on hand to answer questions anytime. Also, as we work with such a diverse range of clients, we get to learn to learn about the latest trends, which makes tailoring specifications to business requirements very interesting and sometimes quite challenging.

Life outside Trade Mark Wizards

Outside of work, Ayesha enjoys spending time with her friends and family, exploring new places, reading, and exercising.

As a child, what did Ayesha want to be when she grew up?

Ayesha wanted to be an actress but unfortunately drama school was not in her destiny, so she settled for the next best thing, being a trade mark lawyer!

Ayesha Akhtar

Ayesha Akhtar


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