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At Trade Mark Wizards we like to think of searching as Stage 1 in the lifecycle of a successful trade mark. We provide clients with different solutions to ensure that the search process remains transparent, comprehensive and cost-effective.

Our free online trade mark search tool has been designed to guarantee complete transparency by enabling you to check whether any identical version of your desired trade mark or brand name is already registered in respect of the particular goods and/or services for which you intend to secure protection. Having said this, a full clearance search is always advised.

The consequences of not completing a thorough trade mark clearance search cannot be overstated. Trade marks are extremely valuable commercial assets and are fiercely enforced. Therefore, business owners should ensure, before attempting to register a trade mark or adopting an unregistered brand name, that it is available for use and registration.

Custom Search Tool

Trade Mark Wizards® understands how difficult and expensive it can be to launch a new brand, enliven an existing one or perhaps entirely rebrand a commercially successful product. Regardless of whether you are a start-up company, an SME or a large multinational, cost control is exceptionally important.

With this in mind, we have developed a bespoke Trade Mark Search Tool which grants users the ability to conduct free, secure and confidential, identical trade mark searches in order to check if somebody already owns the same trade mark in the classes of interest. Our trade mark search tool is easy to use and delivers accurate results that you can trust. All the information concerning registered trade marks is licensed from the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

Whether or not our Trade Mark Search Tool identifies a potential conflict, our in-house search and filing team can provide you with a strategy for moving forward with your brand, or an acceptable modification.

This search tool is designed for our website users to take a quick look to see if their trade mark is registered or applied for already. It will tell you if there are any matches, and allow you to see these other marks.

Do not worry too much if there are matches, as this does not mean you mark is not registrable. It just means that we will need to take a closer look at the situation, so you should either pick up the phone and call us, or fill out our enquiry form to obtain a complimentary trade mark protection strategy.

Full Clearance Search & Report – From £600+VAT

A full clearance search will identify any visually or phonetically similar trade marks that have already been protected or applied for in respect of goods or services that are identical with or similar to those of the proposed application.

The full clearance search includes cross-searches for national UK marks and EU marks, International marks designating the UK or EU for protection (including pending applications), identical UK company names, domain names and cross references to Community designs containing verbal elements.

We will provide you with a comprehensive search report and filing strategy that will ultimately ensure that you maximise your chances of quick, smooth and successful registration.

A successful full clearance search virtually guarantees that your trade mark will be registered because no identical or similar marks have been found to present an obstacle to registration, which is why Trade Mark Wizards® provides a money-back guarantee of our service charge if the application is unsuccessful following an “all clear” report from us.

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